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This video series will take you through a journey in wireless LAN (in)security and penetration testing. We will start from the very basics of how WLANs work, graduate to packet sniffing and injection attacks, move on to audit infrastructure vulnerabilities, learn to break into WLAN clients and finally look at advanced hybrid attacks involving wireless and applications.

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1Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 1: Getting Started
2Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 2: Bands, Channels And Sniffing
3Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 3: Pwning Beacon Frames
4Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 4: Dissecting Ap-Client Connections
5Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 5:Dissecting Wlan Headers
6Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 6: Pwning Hidden Ssids
7Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 7: Laughing Off Mac Filters
8Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 8: Hacking Wlan Authentication
9Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 9: Hotspot Attacks
10Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 10: Hacking Isolated Clients
11Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 11:Alfa Card Kung-Fu
12Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 12: Man-In-The-Middle Attack
13Ssl Mitm Attack Over Wireless
14Ssl Mitm Attack Over Wireless Demo
15Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 13 : Ssl Man-In-The-Middle Attacks
16Custom Wireless Regulation Database
17Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 14: Wep In-Depth
18Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 15: Wep Cracking
19Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 16: Caffe Latte Attack Basics
20Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 17: Caffe Latte Attack Demo
21Caffe Latte Attack On The Iphone
22Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 18: Korek's Chopchop Attack
23Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 19: Fragmentation And Hirte Attack
24Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 20: Understanding Wpa/Wpa2
25Wi-Fi Challenge 1 (Level Easy) : There Is No Patch For Stupidity!
26Wi-Fi Challenge 1 Solution : There Is No Patch For Stupidity!
27Wi-Fi Challenge 2 (Level - Intermediate) : Know Thy Packets
28Wi-Fi Challenge 2 Solution : Know Thy Packets
29Wi-Fi Challenge 3 (Level Advanced): Never Underestimate Your Enemy!
30Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 22: Wpa-Psk
31Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 22: Wpa-Psk Cracking
32Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 23: Wpa2-Psk Cracking
33Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 24: Speeding Up Wpa/Wpa2 Psk Cracking
34Wi-Fi Challenge 3 Solution: Never Underestimate Your Enemy!
35Wlan Security Megaprimer Part 25: Mood Swings Of A Wandering Client
36Wlan Security Megaprimer Part 26: Cracking Wpa/Wpa2-Psk With Just The Client
37Wlan Security Megaprimer: Questions And Answers
38Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Part 28: Wpa_Supplicant
39Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer Challenge 4: Crack Wpa-Personal With Only Ap
40Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer 29: Setting Up Freeradius-Wpe On Backtrack
41Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer 30: Eap-Md5 Basics And Demo
42Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer 31: Cracking Eap-Md5 With Eapmd5Pass And Eapmd5Crack
43Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer 32: Eap Types And Peap Demo
44Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer 33: Cracking Peap
45Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer 34: Cracking Peap In A Windows Network
46Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer 35: Cracking Eap-Ttls
47Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer 36: Insecurity In 3Rd Party Wi-Fi Utilities
48Wireless Lan Security Megaprimer : Conclusion And The Road Ahead
49Windows Wireless Kung-Fu (Swse Addendum 1)
50Creating Wireless Backdoors (Swse Addendum 2)
51Malware, Metasploit And The Hosted Network (Swse Addendum 3)
52Securitytube Certified Wi-Fi Security Expert (Swse) Student Portal Launch

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  3. SecurityTube now has a certification based on their wireless videos:  Testimonials look good.

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  5. don't forget to watch. metasploit series  

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