Posted by : Anonymous Friday, January 20, 2012

Take it either way but the US dept are fighting back for their humiliation yesterday due to Blackout over the internet. Now they have SHUT down the Megaupload site for piracy allegation. While even the most dumbest of all could understand that it is clearly revenge for the protest against SOPA-PIPA act. In addition to the shuting down 4 people from Megaupload were also arrested and $50 million+ worth of assets seized.


In response to this the group called "Anonymous" hacked many sites and started a new mission called #OpMegaUpload and they have hacked sites including:
Proof was given by the Dept itself on its twitter account.: Here is screenshot.

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  1. the site, never has exist!!! ever it

  2. Thanks for linking whitec0de :)

  3. You are right, my apologies. 

  4. Why doesn't Anonymous hack Megaupload and take it back from the FBI?
    Oh right,
    because they aren't hackers.

  5. fuck off pitch! how can they hack it if its offline stupid dumb arsehole pitch! think b4 u open your legs

  6. Hey Bitch..... its marketing not hiding your ass in dark. for stupid people this is sweet to attract them. so if you have got your common sense fucked by some FBI official then go n suck a cock for refreshmnt.


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