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Monitoring Your Computer – What Keyloggers Can Do in 2012

Fifteen years ago a keylogger was exactly what the name implied; software (or sometimes hardware) that logged keystrokes. Back in the days of Microsoft DOS this was all you needed but these days that would only show you half the picture. As technology has advanced so has the way you track and monitor it, especially as the majority of our computer activities now involve the internet.

If you haven't heard of a keylogger before (or computer monitoring software as it's more commonly known these days) it's software that you can install to run silently, hidden on your computer. Once running it monitors everything that goes on on your computer, and using a secret key combination and password you can 'un-hide' the software at any time to view the reports.

The first feature is almost always the ability to record keystrokes. If I had a keylogger on my computer right now it would be recording this as I type it and tell me that it had been typed in Microsoft word, along with the date and time. Good keyloggers will also tell you which website you are typing into, which means you can also record passwords and web based email.

A modern keylogger (or computer monitoring software) will usually take screenshots at set times. This could either be every X seconds/minutes, or simply whenever a new window or website is focused or called. Application use and website visits will also be monitored, along with the date, time and duration of visits.

This is usually the standard set of features you'll find on most keyloggers, a long with a handful of more advanced features. Printer jobs can be monitored, along with which printer was used and the time and date. File activities can also be monitored, which involves logging new, saved, opened and deleted files. Both of these features can be handy for offices, where monitoring documents and print jobs is important.

Remote e-mail reporting is another feature you'll find in a lot of 2012 keyloggers. You'll be able to enter your SMTP details and get the logs sent to your email account, eliminating the need to go back to the actual computer to view the logs. Some software even boasts a remote log in feature, that enables you to log in to the monitored computer in real time to view and read reports.

Although most of these features are becoming common, computer monitoring software can now monitor pretty much any aspect of your technological life. Webcams and microphones can be monitored with some software, meaning you can identify exactly who's using your computer. In fact, keyloggers have even spread to cell phones. A program installed on your cell can tell you everything from exactly where the phone is to who's being texted and called.

The features in todays computer monitoring software are so advanced that whatever your need, you'll find a solution. If you need stealth and a hidden solution, there will be software to match. If you need absolute remote reporting, you'll find something. In fact, there are now so many features that the term 'Keylogger' should be obsolete. 2012 is the year of Computer Monitoring Software.

Lewis Waller, the author of this article runs 'Gecko Monitor' – the powerful and stealthy computer monitoring software. To download a free trial of Gecko Monitor head to

Sunday, June 10, 2012
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How to Hack Facebook Account ? - 2 Working Ways.

As a Blogger on Hacking related stuff the most asked question out there is : " How to Hack Facebook Account?" As for all the people out there who have this question in their mind the simple Answer is " IN THIS ARTICLE" .
All you need is
> Interest in Hacking 
> Determination
> Basic Knowledge of Computing
> Time!

First thing I want to clear in the really start of the article is that " THERE IS NO SOFTWARE THAT CAN HACK FACEBOOK ACCOUNT FOR YOU! " If you believe in such thing then you are not alone I myself was one of you and spend nearly 2 years searching for such thing but the truth is that its nothing but a online scam that can cost you pretty penny. It is Big-Foot of Hacking!

Now when you have embraced the truth then you should be ready to get your hand's Dirty.
The First and the Most effective Of Hacking Facebook Account is no doubt,
" 1:Phishing Method"
Every one in the Hacking scene would have heard of this way but most of people just ignore it. But Readers This is your way to go! It seems Rock-Science but if you just spend a hour or so you will master it! 
The Phishing method is actually Social Engineering In it You trick the Victim into giving you sesitive Information (In this case Password ). This is Achieved by making a page that is exact copy of the Facebook Login Page. This resemblance cause confusion and most of people unknowingly enter the password. 
All you need for this technique is a Free Php Hosting , Phising script and obviously Time !
A Detailed Tutorial on this technique is available here :

and FAQ's here:

This method is most easy but also most difficult. It can be a piece of cake but other wise its burnt piece of cake.

What Happens here that you Install a software (Keylogger) on the PC and that Keylogger collect the sensitive Information for you. It is hidden so no one gets to know of its existence and just use their Facebook account as usual but actually everything is recorded and can be later seen this can easily give the Facebook Account Password or Chating. But the only yet biggest problem with this method is that the Keylogger can easily be detected by any Antivirus! So 99% times it just get caught before you can get any useful information. But If you are using it on your own PC then it could work if you turn off antivirus for it.
There are two types of Keyloggers :
1: Local: that only save the password on the same computer
2: Remote: That send you Password to some other computer through Email or FTP service.

Free Keylogger is here:

and this section is dedicated to Keyloggers, explore it for more information and research 

Saturday, June 9, 2012
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Internet Download Manager [IDM] v6.11 Build 8 + Crack

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