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You might be very happy right now because of the availability of high speed Internet, but when you get to encounter hackers, everything seems to become frustrating. Your personal information gets stolen and social media accounts like Facebook get invaded. Hackers are definitely a huge disturbance. They’re not merely robbers, but killers to the connection as well. They can spread viruses that consume a huge part of your bandwidth. They are among the reasons why even a high speed internet becomes sluggish.
If you are curious about how hackers attack your Facebook or other social media accounts apart from the irritation that you feel about them, consider knowing the various techniques that some of them are presently using. If you’re taking a computer course or any IT related subject, you’ll definitely recognize these strategies.
The Keyloggers
These are among the most basic methods utilized by hackers in stealing your passwords. The keylogger simply dwells in your system memory and activates every startup. It records all the keys you type and creates a log, which will then be forwarded to the person operating it, the hacker. One of the most popular keyloggers is the Ardamax Keylogger. Hence, it is advised to use online virtual keyboard when it comes to accessing your bank or Paypal accounts on the Internet.
The RAT or Remote Administration Tool
Through RAT, the hacker can connect to your computer without you recognizing it. He can see everything that is on your screen. He can also just watch all the websites that you have been visiting. The RAT actually has a built-in piece that functions like a keylogger. Therefore, it can as well copy all the files from your computer’s hard disk secretly. Poison Ivy is one example of RAT.
The Trojan Horses
There are among the most typical malwares. They are usually acquired from special offerings online. Downloading free software programs, for example, is one common step of getting a Trojan Horse in your system. Trojan Horses are more superior compared to RAT and Keyloggers. They enable plenty of other functions that enhance the hackers’ capability to access your PC. A well-known Trojan Horse if the Turkojan.
The Phishing Method
Hackers create websites similar to the Facebook homepage with attached system that tracks down all the usernames and passwords entered. All of the log in details will be stored in a particular server, which hackers have access to. Hackers drive people to their fake websites by sending emails indicating that someone has sent a message or tagged a photo of them on Facebook. Some Facebook Apps also leads users to the Phishing site.

Whatever tool hackers are using, it is highly recommended to enable secure browsing. If you normally have high speed internet, you must have your system checked and cleaned right away once the connection becomes slow suddenly. The blame should not be thrown only to the network carrier. Consider other possibilities like hackers trying to get into your PC or viruses that have already started infecting your system.
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  1. cookie sniffing is also used to access victim's profile..the difference just being that a person steals a session not the password

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  4. I need help hacking someones facebook. Im soo not good with computers tho.. Please help! :)


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