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I am a big fan of watching films and TV Serials on-line, this way I can watch any film or TV serial any time without downloading it. Here the best website for the videos is MegaVideo, But Alas the site only let us watch only 72 minutes of video. So today I am going to share some hacks by which you can bypass the limits. Remember there are NO LIMITS FOR HACKERS.

Hack 1: Reboot Router.

The easiest way of bypassing is to reboot your router. This works on all the Dynamic IP's where rebooting your router gives you a unique IP address every time so after 72 Minutes you can reboot the router and resume the video from there onward.

Hack 2: Work Offline.

In this way you can first let the Megavideo load the desired video and when it is completed you can set the browser to "Work Offline". In this way you can watch the Video without the limit, but this way need alot of time and is hectic. And doesn't work on Google Chrome - my favourite :( -

By The the IE user can do it by going to File -> Work offline . same is with IE users, File -> Work offline.

HACK 3: Online Sites.

This the most easy and most effective of all without any head-ace. Here you use online Website to watch the Megavideo Videos. All you have to do is to Copy the URL of the Megavideo's video and paste it in these websites and enjoy!

The two Best sites are:

Happy Ending ! :)

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  1. hmm pretty good......... thanks

  2. those website seems not serving a good service like this service given by this website: VideoByPasser check it and give a try


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