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There are countless Blog that offer you teach Hacking, some of them feature Flying Skulls and great Graphics while other offer to teach Ethical Hacking. Well from most of these Ethical Blogs I have found only one blog that really mean what it says:

The BLOG is RHA ( ) It is one of the best Security Blog in Pakistan and India, with daily visitors of 10k to 14k and thousands of feed subscriptions. This Owner of this Blog Rafay Baloch Launched this blog 2 years ago and have form then achieved a good reputation in Newbies and Pros alike.

The Positive thing of this blog is that it teaches Hacking from very start but in a positive way which promote security instead of Defacing and so training a New Army of White Hat Hackers. This is the Blog that will teach a person about the hacking from the very start, it teaches about Password Hacking, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, Orkut and My Space Hacking techniques. This blog make it really easy for a Beginner to understand the basics of the hacking.

 But on the other hand main problem with is blog is that it have very less content. I mean it is having more than 200 articles but when you start reading them it all finishes in less than a week, So i would like to see many more articles on this Blog.

The Author of this Blog is also writer of a Famous Hacking Book called:

A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking

This book is for the Beginners to Hacking who have just joined the Advanture as Hacker, It will help the reader in the following ways::

  • You will learn All Ethical hacking techniques and also you will learn to apply them in real world situation
  • You will start to think like hackers
  • Secure your computer from trojans,worms, Adwares etc
  • Amaze your friends with your newly learned tricks
  • You will be able to protect your self from future hack attacks
To Buy this Book or to have more information : Visit:

Another work of the same author is release of the Facebook Hacking Course:
This Course contain Videos Facebook hacking Courseis basically contains series of videos which will tell you exactly how hackers hack facebook accounts, What methods they use and how you can avoid falling for these kinds of attacks.

In this You will learn:
  • The exact techiniques which hackers use to hack facebook accounts.
  • Security tips to protect your facebook account from getting hacked.
  • Protecting your Privacy
To participate this course Visit :::

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