Posted by : Anonymous Sunday, March 27, 2011

If you are one of our facebook fans than the chances you might have heard for several weeks that I will be launching my newset book very soon, So the wait is finally over, Today I have decided to launch my new book"An Introduction To Keyloggers, RATS And Malware", The book is completly dedicated to newbies who are looking forward to play with keyloggers, Rats and various other forms of malware or are curious to know how they can protect their PC's from getting infected with Trojan, worms and other forms of viruses.

The book takes you right from the beginning from basics to some advanced types of attacks too, In this book I have also reviewed various types of best keyloggers out there so you can find it easier to to choose the best one according to your needs.

How Much Does it cost?

Well here is the best part , unlike my other products such as "A Beginners Guide To Ethical hackingand "Facebook Hacking Course" i have decided to give this e-book for free, The reason why I am giving this e-book for free is because lots of people cannot afford the costs of my products, so I don't want any one to miss the chance of getting hands on it.

My aim is to create awareness among the individual related to Ethical Hacking and Security, This is probably the reason why I am running this blog in the first place. Every day thousands of people fall for these types of attacks and end up loosing their sensitive data such as their usernames and passwords and in the worse case some of them end up loosing their credit card numbers too.

By reading this e-book I am very confident that you will be able to protect your computer from most of these types of attacks.

You can download the book here

BY: Rafay Baloch 

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  1. sir i cannot afford to buy a beginners guide to ethical hacking by rafay bcoz of some financial prblm in my home so i request u to provide the direct download link for this ebook for free cost ,if u can give, then i will be very much thankful to u.

  2. actually Arya that Book is not my property so i cant distribute it. If you want free copy then ask the OWNER "Rafay"... and actually you can get the same stuff like the one on that book by some research...

  3. Don't forget to open all stuff in sandboxie! The so-called "free" stuff can be bindered/merged with remote silent keystroke/keylogger/rat/... installation, because that's the easiest way to bug sth to your computer ,)


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