Posted by : Anonymous Friday, February 4, 2011

1. SQLi Helper 2.7 by reiluke

Very useful tool. Just type vun website link and hit inject.
Download link:

2. by rsauron from

Download link:

To use this program, you will need python. Python download link:

How to use?

1. Install Python to C:\ (or other drive, wocares)
2. Unrar to Python25 folder
3. Go to: Start --> Run --> cmd
4. In cmd type cd C:\Python25\
5. It looks like C:\Python25. Now type python and hit enter.
6. You will see program notes in command line. Type "--help" and program will show you all options.

3. Admin login page finder by reiluke
This program helps you to find admin login page. Remember, then you type website url, always add / on url end.
Download link:

4. Blind SQLi by reiluke

Helps to dump data when you using blind SQLi.
Download link:

5. Diamondhack vuln scanner

Scanning websites and shows vuns. Type dork, and wait a few minutes.
Download link:

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