Posted by : Muhammad Haseeb Javed Sunday, November 28, 2010

The following Hack that I am going to tell you is one of the Oldest hack in the world (even older than WWW) and one of the easiest. But it can scare the hell out of someone (I use it to scare my sir).

The overview of the Hack is that when you sent someone email your address is written on the Top of every Email. But will the help of the Following Information you can sent someone email with Sent From : of you own choice.

I m going to use the email of

Step 1) Click on Start button on the bottom-left side of you computer
Step 2) Now open Run and type cmd.exe
Step 3) In this cmd.exe type |||nslookup -q=MX|||
Note instead of use or

STEP 4) Now you will get information like following: MX preference = 80, mail exchanger = MX preference = 15, mail exchanger = MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = MX preference = 70, mail exchanger =

STEP 5) Now see that which of the following links have the lowest MX preference number and choose that link’s mail exchanger. In this case it is because it have MX preference 10

STEP 6) Now open cmd.exe and type the following Command in it.

“telnet 25”

Note: type above command without the quotes.

STEP 7) Now you will see Welcome Screen from the server.

Here comes the technical part.

In this server you have to type your email by following commands. The uses of commands are given in the Brackets.

helo usama (this is to tell the server who you are it does not matter what ever you type in this case it is usama)
mail (this command will tell about mail from )
rcpt (This address should exist because you are sending email to this guy.)
data (this command starts the body of the Email)
• From:usama
Date:Sat Nov 5,2010 9:45 PM
Subject:Test to send fake email
• Type what ever you want to sent
• quit
(this command tell the server that email is complete and now Sent it!!)

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  1. telnet command is not working so, plz tell me how to use it?

  2. dude it only works if the SMTP server allow. you can use easy alternative:: here is article ::

  3. 555 5.5.2 syntax error.xf6si433979igb.9 this is the error i have been facing .no idea of what makes this error to occur so kindly help me to solve this problem as early as possible.

  4. Use the free site.. search my blog for it.


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