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I have some ideas how the computer industry will be in next half-a-century, its very difficult to predict anything with vertinity now a days, especially with such advances in technology. Every five years something comes and amaze everyone. Actually thats how it works.... Something new comes in the industry and it owns it. I remember the touch sensitive mobiles were a new thing in 2005 and within half decade the whole scenario is changed, the mobile mogul Nokia is not where found in industry and everyone owns a touch mobile.
Still I would like to share my ideas, how the future will be...
Well one thing I am certain about the PC will be dead. Personal computer is now a secondary device but I see this would be finished in next 50 years. How would it happen? Well the answer is in front of us... Cloud Computing..
The Cloud Computing concept is that instead of a CPU in front of you, there is a very high speed computer somewhere in the world acting as CPU for you. Here the input is entered from your side and that info is sent to the Cloud Computer that process the info and sent the output back to you. This would be perfect as It could save alot of money, as you won't have to buy expensive computer for heavy task like gaming. And within next 2-3 decades the Quantum Computers will be reality that will increase the current chips power by million times.
But the biggest problem in this concept is availability of high speed internet as a large amount of data has to be transferred in very small amount of time, but the good news is that the technology exist at this moment and in time it will be in everyone's reach. The technology used fiber-optics and the good news is Google has already taken initiative with Google Fiber, the chance it before long the whole world will be covered with this and Cloud Computing could become a reality for everyone.

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