Posted by : Muhammad Haseeb Javed Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There are plenty of softwares out there that need port-forwarding to work. When I started using them there was a big Shock waiting for me, that my router do not support Port-forwarding so what i did was to research about it and found this simple trick.
All you need to do it to download and Install ProXPN . It is a free VPN service, by intsalling it you will not need to port forward because it will establish a direct connection to internet in addition to that it is a VPN so you will also be quite anonymous on internet (NOT TOTALLY!). The following is the Installation Guide:

Windows Installation of proXPN

The proXPN setup wizard

Click "Next "

License agreement

Just click "Agree" here to continue installation.


Let the installer run until completion.

All finished

Just click the "Finish" button to complete the installation.

New Account Setup

Welcome to the proXPN client. Click the "Don't have an account?" link to create a new account.

Enter your email address and the password of your choice.

Enter your email address and the password of your choice. Then check the license agreement checkbox and click the "I agree - create account" button.

Finish signup

Click "OK" to finish the account signup process in the software client.

Verify your signup request

Check your email for a greeting email from proXPN. In that email is a link which you will need to click in order to activate your free account. If it doesn't show up within a reasonable timeframe, make sure to check your spam folders. Once you've clicked the link in the email, your account should be active. Go ahead and click the "connect" button to connect to proXPN


Once you connect, the system tray icon will turn green. You're now surfing safe and secure, courtesy of proXPN


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  1. It's really amazing presentation of install guidance. Thank you so much for sharing your format of presentation. We really truly appreciate strategy presentation with snap shots.

  2. Why does no-ip not work when i connect proxpn?? pleasee help!! im using cybergate

  3. You need to change the No-Ip settings to (Other Get Ip Method)...

  4. if we install pro xpn ,then is there any need on ?

  5. When i connect proxpn my no ip not work

  6. I used proxpn and opened port 1122 with darkcomet and when i checked my open port on 'canyouseeme', it isn't open. So its not port forwarding.
    What are the open ports for proxpn free account.
    I need help please.

    1. please Help Me if You Got The Solution

    2. You first need to use that port are simply use netcat for listening on that port so u can see either the port is open or not


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